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A Perfect Beach Day!                                                                                                              Lost and Found

This fun munute was produced by Peter Barg and our friends at Z                      Another collaboration with the directing and animation talent of Anik Rosenblum

at Z in collaboration with the brilliant animation skills of John Ryan,                     of Dancing Line Productions exstolling the virtues of the 'Top 100', Virginia Hospital.

Lucas Ryan, and Robert Pope at                         


Tower of Power                                                                                                                                More....               

This splendid spot for Virginia Hospital, honored as a Top Commercial for 2014,                      A number of Norm Bendell's other animations can be found hosted on You Tube and

was done in collaboration with the production and animation talent of Anik Rosenblum            Vimeo, including the following:

of Dancing Line Productions and speaks of the virtues of this 'Top 100' hospital.                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                     * Cart   (Southern Company)                                    * American Girl TV                    

Multiple Choice                                                                                                       * Pets at Home                                                         * Chef's Surprise

Is one of a series of commercials, and part of a multi media campaign for Southern                  * Green Coal   (Southern Co.)                                  * Energy Independence   (So. Co.)      Company, produced by Peter Barg of Z Animation and animated by                       * Bluebird of Happiness                    

































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