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Norm Bendell doesn't just bring the warmth and appeal of his humorous signature style to a project, he also brings the vast experience and understanding of a former, multiply honored NYC advertising Art and Creative Director. In that capacity he's very successfully helped a wide variety of famous companies, products, services and destinations to market. It would be an understatement to say he knows something about advertising.

Perhaps that's why so much of Norm's ad work in illustration and animation has been so successful. His very first illustrated national consumer ad won 'Ad of the Year' honors and his multi media campaigns have set sales records for clients in at least three different and diverse product categories.

Although he'd like to take all the credit, Norm actually credits

some other major factors. ...they were smart enough to use the amazing, break-through power of humorous illustration and animation. According to research by Art Direction Magazine and Google, it scored 24% higher in 'seen and noted' and an amazing 88% higher in 'read and remembered' testing over all the more usual forms of media we're constantly bombarded with. It breaks through the clutter of our lives,  Viewers see, like and remember it !











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