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The witty charm of Norm Bendell's sophisticated signature style is legendary as the driving force behind some of the most successful and influential advertising- marketing campaigns of this era.  His work has helped a long list of diverse and happy clientele achieve goals and honors, sometimes beyond their highest expectations. He's also helped sell millions of books and appeared worldwide in hundreds of magazines and publications, computer software, corporate logos, humor, medical, parenting, and pre-teen advice books, text books, greeting cards, even a Superbowl commercial.


Although he'd love to take credit for all the success, he attributes much of it as testament to the amazing, break-through power of humorous illustration and animation.  Norm points out that recent research by Google and Art Direction Magazine shows them to  have well more than double the pulling power of the more common forms of mass communication that bombards us daily. 

A friendly, humorous animation takes the 'scare' out of serious subject matter. We don't tune it out and we do get the message.

Norm developed and honed his illustrative skills while working

as an award winning Art, Design and Creative Director on major international accounts in the crucible of New York City's Madison Avenue.  He brings all that understanding and insight with him to every assignment...along with a tremendous work ethic. This was proven when the very first illustration of his first ever national ad campaign for Perrier won 'Ad of the Year' honors from AdWeek Magazine and launched him into a full time career in illustration.   

He's achieved equal honors and success in the publishing world. His work's featured on the cover of an international Best Seller, his book for American Girl, 'The Care and Keeping of You' is their best seller with nearly 5 million sold and his advice books covering very serious medical issues have now received 'The Gold Award' for Healthcare Public Service an astonishing five consecutive years. Recently, Norm's book 'Just Tell' with author Ashley Taylor on preventing the sexual abuse of children, was voted into America's Public School Curriculum by the National PTA and his book, 'Autism and You', with Dr. Lauren Gerber received a coveted  'Moonbeam Children's Book Award'.

Norm is easy to work with and enjoys collaborating with clients. He says, "The best thing about my job isn't just creating great art, it's about conspiring with clients to help achieve their goals...

it's always a rewarding experience". 




























Norm Bendell

      (Norm stares at the camera... perplexed, in his Pawleys Island Studio.)




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