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This unique book on Autism is the first book in the new Dr. Lauren Library Series.



Norm Bendell's illustrative work has appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide.  In editorials, best selling book covers, health and childcare advice books, textbooks, numerous greeting cards, university publications, corporate publications, e-books and even computer software.

His work for health and childcare books has recently received an honor for the 14th time.  Norm's books for Fujisawa and Astellas Healthcare have now won the prestigious Gold Award for excellence in Public Service Medical Advice Books for an astonishing fifth consecutive year.  Additionally, his highly touted pre-teen advice books for American Girl, 'The Care and Keeping of You'  are their perennial best seller with more than 4 million copies sold.  Recently, his book for the prevention of bullying and sexual abuse of children, 'Just Tell' with author Ashley Taylor, was unanimously voted into America's official school curriculum by the board of the National PTA.





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